Custom made

Everlasting arrangement

Tales De Fleur is a specialist shop in everlasting dried and preserved flowers.

Choose your favorite flowers and we will help make it into a beautiful arrangement.


 How it works:


1. Choose from a wide range of flowers from our Dried Flower Bar

2. Our florists will assist with assembling either in a bouquet or in a vase

3. The best thing is you can bring your own favorite vase

4. Costing is based on price per stem, plus assembling cost

Let us create a unique centerpiece that will lighten up your home.

Get inspired by our previous arrangements that we have created!

About Us

Tales De Fleur specialises in Everlasting Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers creations. Our aspiration is to always bring an element of longevity to gift-giving. By combining the everlasting nature of preserved flowers with an artistic flair. It makes a unique gift for any occasion.

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