A cheer up gift

A cheer up gift


Cheer up someone special with our meaningful flower gift package. Let them know that you care enough to surprise them with something thoughtful, comforting or reminding them that they are not alone. 


  • Preserved white rose with message " Be always blooming"
  • Handcrafted clay orchids in sunset color. This color will cheer someone up or lift up their mood.
  • Handdrawn hidden message in matchbox definitely put a smile on their face when open 




  • Preserved rose bouquet in glass bottle. A real flower that blooms whole year long with no maintenance.
  • Handmade macrame comes with handcrafted orchids ( made out of our special clay). This mini macrame hangers are super cute and can be used however you like to decorate. Hang them on a window fitting, on the wall, at your desk. 
  • Handdrawn hidden message in matchbox 


Stay in solid wooden box with premium woodwool. 

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    Tales De Fleur specialises in Everlasting Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers creations. Our aspiration is to always bring an element of longevity to gift-giving. By combining the everlasting nature of preserved flowers with an artistic flair. It makes a unique gift for any occasion.

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