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For Lily (Custom-made)

For Lily (Custom-made)


The rhythms of the earth




  • Soft and fluffy dried cotton stalks which paired beautifully with our EXCLUSIVE handcrafted dried flower as well as preserved ruscus, nature dried season foliage 


  • Beautifully arranged in white ceramic pot.


Everlasting bouquet:


  • inspired by nature and trends,
  • environmentally friendly


Flower Care: 


  • Do NOT water 
  • Keep them looking their best by placing them out of direct sunlight and humidity  
  • Dried flowers are delicate but if handled gently, it can be enjoyed for a very long time.




  • They will fade ever so slightly with time, but it'll look charmingly characterful further down the line 

 and take you on a forever journey of gradual color change 


  • Flower variety/ greenery may be lightly change depending on seasonal availability. We try our best to maintain the arrangement and flower style, however sometimes substitution of flowers of similar style or colour with equal or greater value may be necessary.
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