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Welcome to Tales De Fleur, a bespoke florist on King William Road, a premier destination in Adelaide, specializing in everlasting dried, preserved, and faux flower creations.

Since 2016, we've dedicated ourselves to infusing gift-giving with everlasting elegance and transforming home decor with luxurious floral arrangements. Our artistic flair shines through each bespoke bouquet, vase arrangement, and home decoration, designed to evoke admiration year-round.

At Tales De Fleur, you'll discover an exclusive and diverse selection of pre-made and custom-made bouquets, vase arrangements, home decorations, floral arts, and special gifts. Our Flower Bar showcases a wide range of dried and preserved flowers, real-touch faux flowers and premium silk flowers sourced from all over the world, providing you with an array of styles to suit your preferences. Whether you seek the perfect housewarming gift, dream home makeover flower centerpiece or flowers for special occasions or flowers for someone special, step into our enchanting world and discover timeless beauty crafted with passion and artistry.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Tales De Fleur, where every creation tells a captivating story of everlasting beauty.

Dried- Flowers Shop in Adelaide
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