1. Are they real?

Yes! Preserved flowers are indeed 100% natural flower. They have undergone a special process to maintains the original texture and appearance of flowers, making them always appear fresh.


2. How long do they last 

The preservation technique allows each preserved flower to last up to one year or more under proper conditions.

3. Do the flowers have a scent? 

No. Their scent has been removed during the preservation process

4. Why is the price of preserved flowers much higher than the cost of fresh flowers? 

Only the highest quality flowers are used for preservation and it is a long and delicate process. Only a very few vendors can achieve high quality, life-like preserved flowers.

Only non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemical are used in the preservation process.

5. Can I remove the flowers from the vase/ box

Please do not remove them out of box/vase. They are designed to stay in box/vase and removing them will damage/shorten their life span.

6. My preserved flower art has become dried and crispy, why does it happen?

Flower's petals will become dry when they are exposed to a dry environment (heater or other heat radiation system). Hot and dry wind dehydrate the preserved flowers.

7. Do you provide a custom or personalise made?

We are more than happy to assist you with customising our products (i.e. colour) to suit your needs. Let us know which items is the most similar to what you are after so we can start your custom order, based on description of alteration to an existing design.

Any additional fee will be stated prior proceeding with the design process. 


We also need your event date, this will help us create a special item that tailor you.  

Processing time is approximately 7 days for custom orders, but may vary depending on availability of supplies and current workload. We will always communicate timing with you along with your quotation.