1. Do not put your flowers in direct sunlight to avoid discolouring and dryness.

2. Do not water or put them in water. 

3. Keep them out of humid places/environment. Avoid direct contact with any thing wet

4. Do not remove the flower from the box/vase

5. Avoid wind and air from air-conditioner/heater. These may cause dryness and make the petals fragile.

6. Do not bend, squash or bend the petal. 

7. Avoid long, direct contact with clothes, wall or furniture to avoid stain from dyes

8. Keep away from children and pets. The chemical and dyes used are safe to our body, but they are not baby toys. Be aware as some floral arts may contain small pieces or in glass. 

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Tales De Fleur specialises in Everlasting Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers creations. Our aspiration is to always bring an element of longevity to gift-giving. By combining the everlasting nature of preserved flowers with an artistic flair. It makes a unique gift for any occasion.

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