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Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Graduation ceremonies are coming up quick, and if you’re attending one to celebrate someone’s accomplishments, giving a gift to a graduate, or throwing a graduation party, one thing you must definitely know about is flowers. A beautiful bouquet is a great way to say congratulations to the graduate!

For the Graduation Ceremony:

You likely want to show the graduate how proud you are of them with a meaningful graduation gift. The gift of flowers is always a thoughtful way to show your care and congratulation. Everlasting flower is most appropriate for this occasion, as it creates a lasting memory for someone’s milestone and can be kept for years.

Think about the graduate’s favourite colours. If you know that they are a fan of pastel, bright or neutral colour, make those the primary flower types in their graduation bouquet. On the other hand, if they don’t have a preference, try a mixed colour everlasting dried flowers bouquet so that they can enjoy a little bit of everything!

Consider their success and personality. If the graduate has a specific accomplishment to celebrate, such as being at the top of their class, select an arrangement that matches!

Among the hugs and the tears, your flowers will stand out in the crowd and in the graduation photo!

The perfect graduate flower gift for the special graduation ceremony
Perfect Graduation Flower Gift & Bouquet

For the Graduation Party:

If you’ve taken on the challenge of throwing a graduation party this year, don’t forget that flowers make for the perfect décor! Everlasting arrangement is always a solid choice for the party’s centrepiece.

Be bright and be bold! Yellow flowers are often said to symbolize success, and green have been known to symbolize new beginnings and good luck. When put together, bright yellows and greens are the perfect way to celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments and wish them well!

If you have any doubts about the type of flowers you should choose, go with Australia Native. Neutral colour theme, as classic as they are, will shine bright in the eyes of your graduate and your guests! You won’t go wrong with the Australia Native.

What if I can’t be there?

If you are out of town and can’t make it to the graduation ceremony, then have flowers delivered. The flowers will be a great representation of your presence and love. You can order dried everlasting flower bouquet online and have the flowers delivered to the graduates home on the day. It's a graduation gift that makes the big day all the more memorable—and that adds colour to graduation photos, too!

Remember that graduation is an event of a lifetime. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered and appreciated, as well as your beautiful bouquet of everlasting flowers.

A Beautiful flower arrangement for the graduate!
A Beautiful flower arrangement for the graduate!

During COVID-19:

​During COVID-19, some universities and schools in Adelaide decide to have their students receive a digital certificate. Even the graduation ceremony is cancelled, the graduate more than ever deserves every form of praise and well wishes. Graduation is still the day worth celebrating, and your everlasting flowers will for sure create that festive air of celebration! Our online flower delivery service in Adelaide will make sure your flowers arrive at your home right on that important day!

Flower Delivery Service in Adelaide
Flower Delivery Service in Adelaide


Our everlasting flowers arrangement are handcrafted and made with love and great attention to detail. We can deliver flowers to addresses within 15km of Adelaide CBD on the day that you select depending on availability. To make sure your graduation flowers arrive on time, we recommend pre-ordering at least 3-5 days ahead.

For those of you about to graduate or celebrate a graduate, we’d like to extend our congratulations and best wishes for the future ahead!


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