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"Allure Blossoms" _ Premium Real-touch+ Silk Flowers in Realistic Resin Water

"Allure Blossoms" _ Premium Real-touch+ Silk Flowers in Realistic Resin Water


Introducing our crystal clear resin water collection, where realism meets enchantment! With our exclusive resin water that looks deceptively real, encased in elegant glass vases, our arrangements are so life-like, you won't believe they're artificial!


Features :

This arrangement showcases a delightful fusion of lifelike elements, featuring the elegance of real-touch Rose, Real-touch Lisianthus, Real-touch Dahlia, and artificial greenery, ect. Expertly arranged in a Glass Vase with our magic water, these blooms not only look and feel remarkably realistic but also boast colors and textures that almost indistinguishable from real flowers


Crafted with love and care, each bloom is thoughtfully arranged to form a stunning, natural-looking display that stands the test of time, ensuring years of enduring beauty.


This design is the ideal way to infuse any space with a burst of color, offering both the allure of nature and the convenience of an arrangement that maintains its charm for years to come.



Key Features:


- Premium, high-end quality artificial flowers
- Artfully arranged in a modern, glass vase with resin water

  • Arrangement Size

    Approx : 75cm (H) x 60cm (W)

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