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"Exotic Haven" _ Premium Faux Flowers

"Exotic Haven" _ Premium Faux Flowers


Features :

This arrangement showcases a delightful fusion of lifelike elements, featuring the elegance of Artificial Protea, real-touch Bird of Paradise, artificial Gumnut, faux Queen Anna's Lace, and other artificial foliages, ect. Expertly arranged in a ceramic pot, these blooms are not only visually realistic but also feature colors and textures nearly indistinguishable from real flowers.



Meticulously crafted, each bloom is thoughtfully arranged to form a stunning, natural-looking display that stands the test of time, ensuring years of enduring beauty. This design is the ideal way to infuse any space with a burst of color, offering both the allure of nature and the convenience of an arrangement that maintains its charm for years to come.



Please Note:

Each design is lovingly handcrafted, so the product you receive may vary slightly from the photo. This uniqueness means no two arrangements are exactly alike, adding a special charm to each piece.

  • Arrangement Size

    Approx: 75cm (H) x 65cm (W)

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